Written By Guest Blogger: Mark Power (The Husband) 

I have been secretly coveting a Murse ever since I noticed a guy carrying one in Europe many years ago. At that time, it was a new trend and unheard of here in Canada. I, of course, followed the crowd, submitted to peer pressure and didn’t get one. I didn’t even mention it out loud even though I really, really wanted one.

All I kept thinking was everything I had been taught from Kindergarten – Men don’t carry purses! Then, over the last year, I noticed more and more fashion-forward men carrying these bags around and thought, “Hey if they could do it, damn it, so could I.” I mentioned to my wife and kids that “I am getting a Man Bag” and they laughed and it became a running joke in the family.  Every time we were at the mall, I would look for the perfect Murse. I talked about them all the time and became obsessive with my search.

The reasoning behind it is simple; it’s the same reason all women have one….a spot to put all “my stuff.” Winter is hard enough, but in the warm summer months, I only have so many pockets. Of course, I have a phone (belt holsters are so 1990’s), keys, wallet, business cards, glasses, pen, etc etc. and they were always scattered around the house, never in one convenient spot.


Then our trip to Mexico happened. It was my first plane trip alone in our 11 years of marriage! Since I was meeting Clara in Mexico at the tail end of her work trip (read about it HERE), I didn’t have her to carry my stuff!  So where was I going to put all the aforementioned stuff, plus passport, boarding passes and a few extra travelling necessities? So there it was, the excuse I needed. I went and bought my very own purse; a brown, soft leather, manly looking Man Bag from RUDSAK. I didn’t want to get one too large so I found a smaller-sized one that I thought would fit my needs. I immediately filled it with all my stuff and thought, like all my TV purchases, I should have gotten a bigger one!

I found my Murse invaluable from the minute I walked out of the store. All of a sudden, for the first time in my life, everything I needed was right there! I wasn’t searching the inside of my jacket, I didn’t have a bulge in my back pocket, I knew exactly where my keys were.

bag21For travelling, I found my bag to be vital. Passport readily available, boarding pass, earbuds, right where I wanted them when I needed them. I don’t know how I travelled without one in the past. While in Mexico, I also found it extremely valuable. When vacationing in shorts with no pockets I didn’t need my wife to carry my essentials. I was a MAN and could carry my own wallet and phone……..even if it was in my purse.

I suggest every guy reading this, if you are on the edge of getting one, GET ONE! If you’re not thinking about it, start thinking about it. Men are carting them in Europe, completely acceptable in downtown Toronto, and quickly catching on throughout the rest of Canada. Although I would only think my rugby buddies back in my hometown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia may not share my same enthusiasm.

But don’t get me wrong ladies, this is not the answer you have been looking for all your life. It is not the ultimate cure for men misplacing their phone or wallet, and repeatedly asking “honey where are my keys “-  but it’s a good start and they’ll look fashionable in the process

Do I get ridiculed and teased by my friends? Sure I do. But I know, they are just secretly jealous and mark my words they will all have one soon.

Happy Travels,


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Sporting my new Murse

Sporting my new Murse