I have been a restless traveller my whole life.  It is who I am. It is what I talk about, dream about, save for and live for.  For me, it’s a true addiction.  An insatiable addiction in which I start planning my next holiday before the one that I am currently on has finished.  It consumes me, my thoughts, my life, my bank account.

img-20160509-wa0001My travel goals started when I was young and challenged myself to visit every continent in the world before I turned 30 and I almost did (damn you Antarctica).  After being in the corporate world and having achieved my career goal of being the head of my own Human Resources Department I became bored with my role and received little satisfaction from it.

So, a few years ago I started my own travel agency on a part-time basis and started helping my friends and family plan their own phenomenal vacations. Over time, this part-time gig grew and grew into something that I never imagined and eventually led me to quit my corporate job and focus on my own business – doing what I love, planning vacations for my wonderful clients.

My newest challenge has been to start this blog that I have dreamed about doing for a long time but always convinced myself that I wasn’t competent enough, special enough or creative enough to make this work.  But you know what, I am all of those things and need to have the confidence to believe that I can do it, so I WILL do it!

Please join me as I share my travel adventures, some on my own and most with my crazy little family.  I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Travels,