The joke is always the same with my friends and family (and those of you who follow me on Social Media), “Clara, are you in the country?”  “Clara, where are you now?”  “Clara, I want your life!”

The truth is, I do have a fantastic career.  One that allows me time to travel, learn, expand my knowledge, and service my clients.

What I post on social media is all the glamour and glory, so it seems like that all I do, but the reality is that I spend 8-12 hours each day in my home office, working!

This may lead you to wonder, what exactly it is that I do as a Travel Advisor? What do I bring to the table that you wouldn’t get by booking your vacation online?

Here are just a few of the things I do for my clients…

I’m continually building my network to benefit YOU.

I spend a significant amount of time… and money… traveling to do site inspections and research new destinations. While that may sound glamorous, and you may have been a little jealous when you saw my Instagram photos from fabulous places, it really is work!

On my last work trip, I did 12 inspections in 3 days!  I took those fantastic pictures while walking the resort, in 35-degree temperatures with the hotel manager.  I got to tour multiple room options, got a walk-through of the spa (alas, no treatments for me!), the pools, the kids’ activities, the restaurants, and sit through a lengthy sales seminar.  I may have had 1 free hour a day which was usually spent in my hotel room trying to catch up on work!

I do this so I get to check out places you may want to visit, but also to meet and get to know the staff. An email sent to a Hotel General Manager I know personally will result in a better experience for YOU.

Enjoying lunch with the staff of Secrets The Vine

I am a great listener.

For each new client who reaches out to me, I get you on the phone so we can chat. I listen to what you say when you talk about your previous vacations. I ask questions to get a better idea of your tastes, likes, and preferences.

I pay close attention so that I can get a clear picture of your needs, concerns, issues, and expectations. It’s crucial for me to understand these things so I can best anticipate your needs and make the best recommendations for you.

I am a master troubleshooter!

It is my job to take care of all the nitty-gritty details of your trip and to manage the whole thing from start to finish.

I’m here to help you out if things don’t go as planned. If you run into any issue, you can look to me to sort it out for you. Because of my vast industry connections, I am often able to resolve things much faster than you could on your own.

I pride myself on my attention to detail.

I love putting together the pieces of your travel itinerary as if it were a big, beautiful puzzle! I make recommendations for things that will provide you with an added layer of convenience, security, or simply to surprise and delight you.

I’ll take care of the mundane details like keeping track of important dates, paperwork requirements, and other logistics. It’s my job to make sure your vacation is seamless and that you don’t have to worry about any of the things that can make travel stressful or frustrating.

Site inspection on my most recent trip to Cancun earlier this month. 

I work for YOU.

I work with various travel partners and suppliers to book your vacation, but I work FOR you. Should anything go wrong during your travels, I go to bat for you. I represent your needs and interests.  I am in your corner from the time your vacation is booked until you arrive safely back home.

I consider you a friend.

You aren’t just a client. I consider you a friend and I take care of you the same way I would a friend or family member.

And like a good friend… I don’t hold back when I give you advice. I won’t hesitate to tell you when I think you might be making a mistake. If you come to me with a suggestion that I believe might not meet your expectation… I’ll let you know.

Another little secret I’ll let you in on… I absolutely love hearing about your experience. It makes my day when you tag me on that amazing view from the hotel I recommended. It delights me when you send me photos of your kids enjoying the activities I suggested for you.

I also look forward to checking in with you when you get back home… and I am so appreciative when you reach out to me to plan your next vacation or recommend my services to your friends and family.

The beautiful Cancun beaches!

So, are ready to start planning your next getaway? The perfect vacation begins with scheduling your complimentary consultation with me by sending an email to  We can discuss the details of what you are looking for, I’ll give you my suggestions and explain how we can best work together to plan the vacation of your dreams.  Winter is coming quickly so let’s start planning now to get YOU the best vacation for YOU!

Happy Travels,