So, you have kids and love to travel?

Do you miss the days of adventure, exploring, and experiencing something new and exciting?

For me, travel before kids consisted of backpacking across Europe and Australia, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, taking a safari in Africa….and then kids happened.

And travel changed.

We didn’t stop travelling, but the trips looked a little different.  We spent more time at All-Inclusive Resorts, or visiting family in Europe, we took more cruises and booked vacations that were ‘easier’ and more kid-friendly. We loved them all and enjoyed them but wanted more.

The kids are now getting older.  They will be 12 and 10 shortly and travelling is about to change again.  We are ready to explore the new, the exciting, and the challenging.  We are ready to get out there and push ourselves, learn about new cultures, and take leaps into the unknown. We are going somewhere we have never been before.

The Power Family is headed to Thailand in December!

Thailand is a great first step for any child into Asia.  For us, our adventures are going to include bathing an Elephant in Chiang Mai, taking a cooking class in Northern Thailand, visiting the food and craft markets in Bangkok, riding a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok, exploring temples, learning about the history, zip-lining, and ending the trip in the stunning beach town of Phuket where we can relax and marvel in all the excitement that we had.  It’s going to be like our very own Amazing Race adventure!

The itinerary is full of fun and excitement.  It involves meeting a local family and spending the day with them.  It includes restaurant hopping and food tasting with a local Thai.  It includes a spiritual ceremony where we give back and thank the Gods for all the blessings and opportunities we have been provided.

To say that we are excited is an understatement.  We are ready to strap on our backpacks and make this trip a reality.  We are ready to explore the world, together!  Travelling pre-kids was fantastic but travelling with my kids is going to be challenging but I know it will be beyond rewarding.

Follow along on this journey and be inspired to starting planning your own adventure!

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