Have you ever thought about Sustainable Travel?

I must admit, during this Covid-19 crisis, Netflix has become my best friend. It keeps me company and watching documentaries has become a favourite pastime.

Until this past weekend, I had never watched a movie with Zac Efron in it. I was too old for High School Musical when it was released, and movies like Baywatch just aren’t my speed. So, I was a little hesitant when the promos for ‘Down to Earth’ came out, but I gave it a shot and immediately fell in love.

Since you are my friend, I can admit that I actually binge-watched it all in one night! Raise your hand if you are a binge-watcher! 🙋

What I loved about this show is that it opened my eyes to the world that we live in and how we live. How we have so much we need to improve on, and what needs to be done to live sustainably.

The show travelled to some amazing destinations including Iceland, Italy, Peru, France, and Costa Rica. The stunning cities ignited my travel bug and if you watched it, I am sure it did for you too.

All these destinations are spectacular places to visit.  With the popularity of Sustainable Travel, there are now some travel companies that allow you to visit and give back to the communities. My favourite tour companies include G Adventures, Intrepid, and Me to We.  These companies offer amazing tours and are perfect for families like yours.

Kenya Classic Family Trip with Me to We

Iceland Family Journey’s with GAdventures

Costa Rica Family Adventure with Intrepid

To learn more about these tours or other ones available for travel in 2021 or 2022,  schedule your free 30-minute consultation today and we can get your next adventure all booked!

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