Over the years I have traveled to far off countries staying in hostels and 2 star properties, to visiting 5-star luxury cruise liners and resorts on many of the great Caribbean Islands. Of all the resorts I have visited, I have to say that not one compares to the service, food, and amenities from my trip to the Hyatt Ziva in Cancun.

Many people may have been exposed to the Hyatt brands in the past but more recently the Hyatt has entered into the world of All Inclusive resorts and they have raised the bar on what 5-star luxury is all about. I actually think that they may have shifted and redefined how resorts should be rated as they are so beyond so many of the other 5 star properties that I have stayed at it really isn’t fair to rate them on the same scale.

From the moment you step into the open air lobby that is perched up on the hill you are drawn towards the beautiful 180-degree view of the pools and oceans. The views literally took my breath away, the azul blue ocean and sky were not what I expected to see in Cancun, Mexico but here it was welcoming me to this beautiful resort.

When I think about this property there are 5 things that keep running through my head over and over again as to why it’s such a perfect resort to visit, so here are my top 5 reasons to visit Hyatt Ziva Cancun:

  • The service – so you know when you go to check in at a hotel and you wait at the front desk and you’re hot and you’re tired because your flight was at 6am and you have been flying for what feels like all day and the kids are cranky and all you want to do is get your room key so you can peel off your winter Canadian clothes and get into your swim suit? Yes, we all feel that way. Well, the Hyatt takes that all away and makes check in the most pleasant experience I have ever enjoyed. Upon entering you are given a refreshingly cool cloth to wash away your airplane grime and you are served with a delicious cocktail that just says ‘yes, I have arrived.’ And after a few short minutes, one of the front desk agent comes to greet you in line and escorts you to the desk to provide you with your room key. Seriously, they came to me to escort me to the desk. This simple gesture was an illustration of what the service was like for the duration of my trip, service that was a notch above and came from the heart.
  • The food – the FOOD! So gone are the days where resorts offer 1 buffet restaurant and 1 al la carte restaurant where you have to wake up at 7am to secure the 1 reservation you are allowed to make for the duration of your stay. The Hyatt Ziva Cancun has 6 al la carte restaurants ranging from Italian, Steakhouse, Asian, Mexican, French and a good ol American burger joint called Chevy’s. As for reservations, you don’t need them! Just pick the restaurant you want to visit and you go at the time you are ready. Can you imagine eating when and where you want to eat every night? That’s what vacations should be about!
  • The beach – this resort not only has 1 beach but 2! Perched at the end of peninsula (which a quaint lighthouse too) the resort offers 2 beautiful swimmable beaches. They are easily accessible even for us moms with strollers, they are steps from the pool and there are lounge chairs in abundance. And you know those ‘cards’ you get in your room so you get pick up your 1 towel per person which you have to return at the end of the day and switch back and forth…..well, none of that here. Every morning 2 towels are placed on each and every lounge chair for you to use. You can switch them out, get more if they are wet and not worry at the end of the day ‘honey- did you return the towels and get the card back?’
  • Amenities –Gym, check! Kids club, check! Waterpark, check! Coffee shop to make my skinny mocha latte, check! Dessert buffet with 3 chocolate fountains and unlimited cookies and ice cream, check! Dolphin pool right outside my balcony, check! Class act entertainment, check! Shall I continue or do you get the point?
  • The beds – so for those who know me know that I love my sleep. And I mean I SERIOUSLY love my sleep and take my sleep SERIOUSLY. You can call me a sleeping connoisseur if you wish. Nothing makes me happier than high thread count sheets, fluffy duvets, comfy mattress and lots of lots of pillows and the Hyatt beds had these all. I was in sleep heaven during my time here. If the sun and sand wasn’t calling my name I would have happily spent my days in my Hyatt robe, enjoying my free lighting fast WIFI access, ordering from the 24-hour room service menu all from the comfy confounds of my luxurious bed.

So if you and your family are looking for a great place to visit this winter, do not overlook Mexico and the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. Only a 4-hour plane ride from Toronto it’s a great location for a shorter trip or for a full week getaway.

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Resort View from the open air lobby


Fun kids play area


Oceanview and Swim Out Rooms – perfect combination


Amazing Spa that overlooks the beach


Specialty coffees included!


Tequila tasting anyone?