School has started and routine has begun to establish itself again.  My kiddies started grade 4 and grade 6 this year and are already getting homework!  With life back to normal, I can’t help but think about our next adventures.  It won’t be long before my family is headed to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Following that, I have a trip to Punta Cana and one to Cancun for my TPI conference and resort inspections, and then our annual family vacation to Aruba.  This year we will be celebrating Christmas out of the country for the first time and are excited to start a new family tradition.

With many new followers who joined over the summer, I thought it might be a good idea to re-introduce myself and what I can offer you when travelling.  This week with all the Hurricanes, it was a good reminder of where I was able to step in and assist my clients who needed flight changes, evacuations, travel date changes, etc amidst all the chaos. I spent hours getting changes made while making sure that my clients didn’t have to stress to make it happen.  This is what I do, this is what I love to do, this is why I am a Travel Advisor.

I am a Travel Advisor. I am sometimes called a Travel Consultant or a Travel Agent.  I use my knowledge of destinations and all related travel products and services to counsel my clients about the best options and choices for their vacation that will fit their travel needs, wishes, and budget.

As a Travel Advisor, I add value.  Think of me as you would think of an accountant or real estate agent. You can file your own tax return, but those who choose to work with an accountant recognize the added value brought by their accountant, and that specialized knowledge and professional advice pay off. The same goes for a real estate agent. You can sell your property by yourself, but you could end up having to solve or at least try to solve major problems that professional help and advice would have avoided.

While my role is to match up clients with available travel products and services, I’ll always have your unique interests at heart. If anything goes wrong during your trip, you can call me anytime.  I always tell my clients that my services do not end once the vacation is booked, but rather once they return home from their trip!  I will always contact my clients upon their return home to make sure that all went well.

I plan your vacation just as if it were my own. I go over every little detail to make sure that everything is going to be just right.  I cover all the bases, leaving no rock unturned to make sure that you are getting the right holiday and the best value for your hard-earned dollar.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Your time is precious. We all have choices today. You can either spend hours reserving your own vacation online and browsing dozens of websites to find the best deal; or just spend a few minutes with me answering a few questions then go back to enjoying your favourite hobby while I do the research on your behalf.

Benefit from my knowledge. I continuously attend travel training sessions and will be travelling to as many different destinations as possible in order to see what is available.  I also work to make personal contacts at these destinations so that I can offer my clients even more personalized service.

I am a Travel Advisor. This is how I make my living. My main motivation to be a travel advisor is to share my experiences, passion, and knowledge with my clients, and to help them plan and book their dream vacation so that YOU can create happy memories.

It’s all about personalized service….having someone nearby who takes your interests to heart.

Peace of mind about your trip is so important…you deserve to relax and enjoy!

When you are ready to start planning your next vacation, do not hesitate to contact me at or 416-996-6849. We can chat about your travel preferences, and use my knowledge to plan you something fabulous. 

For assistance with your future vacation plans, schedule an appointment to chat with us HERE.

Happy Travels!