Travel has definitely changed recently and working with a Travel Agency is going to be imperative!

I know you have a lot of questions about what travel will be like going forward.  Information is changing daily and I want to keep you up to date on the current travel environment.

Outlined below are some of your frequently asked questions about travel for Canadians:

Are Canadians permitted to travel outside of Canada?

Currently, there is a non-essential travel advisory in place for all Canadians. This means that travel for recreational purposes is not advised.  This advisory is expected to change soon however, we do not have a date when it will be lifted.  With this in mind, we are currently planning client travel for late 2021 and beyond.

Can Canadians travel in Canada?

Inter-provincial travel is open among most Canadian provinces. Some restrictions apply to certain provinces so contact us for the most up-to-date details as they change daily.  You can also click HERE for an interactive tool with current travel information.

What are the airlines doing to ensure safe travel?

Many airlines have introduced new measures to ensure your safety while at the airport and aboard the aircraft.

New health screening questions and pre-flight infrared temperature checks for customers have been implemented. Disinfection of frequently touched areas and HEPA filtration systems to clean the air are being used. Face coverings are also required by all guests aboard most airlines.

What are the resorts and hotels doing to ensure safety?

All hotels and resorts have implemented new cleaning and safety measures at their properties. This includes the reduced capacity to ensure social distancing, enhanced cleaning, daily staff temperature testing, and much more. Protocols are continuously changing and at Power Travel we work closely with each hotel and resort to inform you of the current updates.

What is the Power Travel Post Pandemic Promise?

We understand that post-pandemic travel is going to look very different than what you are used to. As a Travel Agency, we will be here to help you and promise to:

  • Prepare you for your new travel experience.
  • Make sure you understand where you’re going and the new travel rules.
  • Screen every travel company to find the right fit for you.
  • Provide you with expert, up to the minute advice.
  • Help you navigate the rules of travel.
  • Hold your hand and be easily available.
  • Leverage insider contacts to help you have a smoother trip.
  • Go the extra mile to get you home if needed.
  • Solve your problems before, during & after your travels.
  • Help you secure a refund/credit if necessary and manage it for you, saving you time.

For more information, and assistance with your future vacation plans, schedule an appointment to chat with us HERE.

Until we travel again,