So, it’s week 9 of quarantine…I think?  I believe I have lost count as the days have all become a blur and the question of “what day is it?” is CONSTANTLY being asked by someone in the house.

Days and nights are reversed for the teens in this house.  Mom and Dad go to work in our home offices, and no one comes or leaves the house for anything but necessities.  Groceries are mostly delivered, sometimes we go for a drive with no destination in mind ‘just to get out’ but most of the time we just stay home and watch Netflix’s, read, play board games and cook.

And if you are anything like our house, cooking is the highlight of the day.  My daughter Lauren has become the Official Baker in the house, and I have been relegated to the Sous Chef, I basically just follow her around and clean up the mess that has been created but the rewards have been great.

Through all of this, we have been eating, a lot…more than I would like to admit!  And not a day goes by that Lauren isn’t working on a Disney Dessert to keep our Disney loving family wishing we were Soarin’ Around the World.

To keep the Magic alive, Disney has released some of their most popular recipes, and here are a few of our family favourites that I am sure your family will also enjoy!

Churro Bites Recipe

Grey Stuff

Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich

Tonga French Toast

Mickey shaped Beignets

Pineapple Dole Whip

Until it’s time to travel again, keep safe, eat good food and remember that we will be on our way again soon.

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