Baggage Chaos

I am sure you have heard the news about baggage delays at all the airports around the world.  Airports are struggling to keep up with demand due to an increase in travel and significant staffing shortages.  As a result, the most popular question everyone has been asking me these days is. “should I check my bag or just do carry-on only?”

If you are asking for my professional opinion – carry-on luggage is the BEST way to travel these days.

Let me tell you why…

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you know my family and I have just returned from a European Adventures by Disney River Cruise on AmaWaterways.  Everything about the trip was wonderful, except for the return flight.

We were delayed over 4 hours departing Frankfurt airport.  Not a huge deal, our flight wasn’t cancelled so we were happy.

As we waited to board, we learned that due to staff shortages the airline could not remove the baggage from the previous passengers.

So not only was our flight delayed 4 hours, but the passengers that landed on time in Frankfurt had to wait 4 hours to get their luggage.

This is one story among many others that I am sure you have heard about already.

So inevitably you are wondering “but how is it possible to pack for 7-10-14 days with carry-on only?”  it certainly isn’t easy but with some planning, it can be done successfully.

Our family made a conscious effort to ditch checked luggage about 3 years ago (even before all this started happening).  We spent 14 nights in Thailand, 10 in Costa Rica and 12 in Europe – only with a carry-on each and a backpack.

And boy are we happy we did as there are so many benefits of travelling with carry-on luggage:

  1. Faster Airport Arrivals.

Once you’ve cleared customs and immigration, you’re free. Our entire family landed at Pearson from Costa Rica and were headed home 20 minutes after the wheels touched the tarmac. Those waiting for luggage were there for over an hour waiting. 

  1. Moving Around Isn’t a Hassle. 

Moving cities, different accommodations, over rough terrain (stairs, cobblestone streets, up hills) is so much easier and quicker with a carry-on. 

  1. It’s Stress-Free.

I have travelled hundreds of times and I am always anxiously waiting to see my luggage come out from behind that rubber curtain. And there have been a few times it did not.  Travelling with a carry-on is a sure bet you’ll arrive with your luggage and take away that unnecessary stress.

  1. Packing is Simple.

Smaller luggage = less to pack.  Sure, you may not have that 4th pair of shoes that you really want to bring, but it is likely something you can do without.

  1. You’ll Save on Checked Luggage Fees. 

You can save some money by not having to pay for a checked bag. On average the first checked bag is $30.00, and the second is $45.00 each way.

Best Scenarios for Carry-On Luggage 

  1. You’re Going Somewhere Warm. 

Hot, preferably. The lighter your clothing requirements, the more space you will have, and the more you can pack

  1. Shorter Trips. 

Unless you are going to a destination with laundry services. Or don’t mind being seen at your favourite coffee shop wearing the same dress. I would keep the duration under two weeks.

  1. It’s a Busy Trip. 

The more you have to pack up and move from one destination to another, the better you’ll appreciate travelling light.

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Happy Travels,