wild-book-cover11I have definitely started to see a theme in the type of books that I read. They tend to be autobiographies about female travellers overcoming obstacles – I wonder what that says about me!

My most recent read was “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.  It’s a detailed account on how at 22 years old and with no experience the author decides to hike more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington.  She embarks on this trek completely on her own, it takes her 94 days to complete and ends her journey at the Bridge of Gods on the Oregon-Washington border.

This book which has now been turned into a movie (with one of my favourite actresses – Reese Witherspoon!) details the many challenges that she experiences both physically and emotionally.  It weaves from real time to the many that she experienced in her life that led her to want to start the journey.  Reading the book I was amazed at her tenacity and will to continue and often found myself reliving the accounts of my own hike many years ago when I completed the Inca Trail in Peru.  Although my trek was only 4 days I experienced many of the same thoughts, emotions, and pain that Cheryl describes so vividly in the book and it had me turning the pages to see what was coming next.

Reading this book you will cringe at her pain, feel her emotion, cry at her despair and triumph in her victories. She will take you on a journey that most will probably never experience in their lives and it’s one that you will enjoy.

Happy Travels and Happy Reading,


Here are a few pics of my hiking journey in Peru, May 2002.  Feels like a lifetime ago!

My Peru scrapbook that I purchased at the Cusco Market

The start of the 82km Inca Trail.

Me and my fives guys about to embark on our 4 day trek.

Finally making it to the top of “Dead Woman’s Pass” after 4 hours of climbing upwards to 4,200m.  The highest peak of my life (and it nearly killed me)!

One of the many ruins along the way, way up in the clouds.

Just enjoying the breathtaking view.  I DID IT!

The trail just kept going up and up.

Finally arriving at Machu Picchu after 4 days of hiking.